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Spay & Neuter

The sad reality is that millions of animals are euthanized each year because there are no homes for them. Spaying and neutering not only saves lives, it can prevent serious health problems and increase your pets’ life expectancy. Spaying a female eliminates the risk of several types of cancer and potentially life threatening uterine infections. Neutering eliminates prostate and testicular cancer and can reduce other unwanted behavior issues. Breeding your pet however wonderful they are puts their health at risk and often has a negative outcome. Show you really care for your dog and cat by having them spayed and neutered.

Preventative Care

One of the biggest threats to your pets’ health is exposure to parasites. Although there was a time when fleas, ticks and worms were just considered a nuisance, we are just now learning through extensive research about some of the damaging diseases parasites can transmit to both humans and other pets. Most of the parasites affecting pets are microscopic and detectable so it is absolutely crucial to test your pet regularly and do what you can to protect your children and your pets from parasites.

Dental Care

Regular professional dental care is important to maintaining your pet’s health. We use the most modern and safe ultrasonic scaler to clean each tooth thoroughly – above and below the gum line. Then we polish the teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup in the future. Fluoride treatments help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity and last but not least apply a sealant to each tooth which prevents future tartar to accumulate on the teeth again. Proper dental care can prevent bad breath and periodontal infection from spreading throughout the bloodstream to damage your pet’s major organs. Ask us to evaluate your pets’ dental health.

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